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Former Peninsula chef Aaron Crumbaugh has taken a giant leap of faith by building a truck with an on-board kitchen, hoping that by the time he's ready to roll out, the law will have been changed to permit such a set-up. In the meanwhile, look for the truck (follow @TheWagyuWagon on Twitter) to make appearances at suburban festivals and other special events. A former LA resident, Crumbaugh knows the kogi street truck scene well, and that's reflected in his menu of bahn-mi style short rib sandwiches in a lemongrass marinade with fennel and carrot slaw, as well as pho-gu, a riff on the traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup dish. There will also be a hand-formed wagyu burger, and sides like wagyu-fat fries, brussel sprouts in a bacon vinagarette, and Cheeto-encrusted mac and cheese croquettes.