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There are lots of things about this Lincoln Park spt that speak to the difference between it and most Chicago sports bars, but perhaps none speaks so clearly as the escargots on the menu. The fancy food is one example of an Eastern European sensibility (courtesy of the Polish owners) that uses the standard sports bar formula as a point of departure. You will find the sports bar basics here -- three satellite hook-ups service a large screen and smaller televisions that are scattered throughout the chalet-like front bar and a small back dining room that has table seating, pool and darts. In addition to escargots, the menu features baked brie, crispy baked salmon, breaded mushrooms, buffalo wings and burgers. The owner, a one-time rally driver and current racing sponsor, displays racing memorabilia throughout the bar. Other high-speed touches include a drink list inspired by famous racers (Christian Fittipaldi's Favorite) and famous cars (the Ford GT), plus selections from the Andretti winery. The high octane drink list also includes 13 different scotches and as many choices of vodka. Tuesday night features an informal gathering of Ducati drivers for a short session of shooting the bull followed by a ride around Chicago. (Ducati is a high-performance Italian motorcycle--but all motorcycle owners are welcome.)