The Original Pancake House

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Diners with a perpetual hankering for breakfast, or just pancakes, can't go wrong here. The Original Pancake House's interior, which features a simple, country kitchen look, makes customers feel like Mom will be making their favorite morning meal. Pancakes, of course, dominate the menu, and they range from fruit-topped and fruit-filled to silver dollar and chocolate chip. The baked apple pancake and the oven-baked German pancake are house specialties suitable for big appetites--appetites that build during the minimum 20 minute wait for these delicacies. A wide variety of omelets also is featured prominently at the family-owned restaurant, as are other breakfast favorites. Original Pancake House caters to a family crowd, and it is popular with families on weekends--especially the after-church crowd. Part of the dining area can be reserved for business meetings on weekdays.