The Meatyballs Mobile (MB III)

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While former Lockwood chef Phillip Foss' other trucks peddle snack-friendly sandwiches named torpedoes ("because they destroy subs" he explains), his third mobile wagon will feature mini-sliders called grenades. "They're essentially little belly bombers," Foss says of the mini sandwiches, which are topped with same flavored meatballs as his other fleet– think Crabby Balls (crab with curry sauce and mango chutney) or Thai'd Balls (turkey meatballs with coconut milk and Thai chili sauce). If the flavors speak to your artsy side, that's great -- Foss has plans to fill the truck full of graffiti doodles from Meatyballs eaters. Meatyballs is currently not hitting the streets, though; Foss is currently focusing his efforts on his restaurant, El. Follow @fossfoodtrucks on Twitter for updates.