The Ladies' Room

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Fat Rice has mixed things up and created a new cocktail bar. This sultry cocktail den—with a number of enticing housemade spirit infusions born out of a desire to cut down on food waste—is so quintessentially Fat Rice, an internationally recognized restaurant regarded for ceaselessly bending the rules.  To access the bar, walk through the bakery, with whitewashed wood, seafoam-green walls and birdcage light fixtures. A single corridor connects the bakery to the restaurant, and if you’re not careful, you might walk right past the curtained-off passageway that leads to The Ladies’ Room. Pew-like seating and a bar top made from steps of a Polish church are accessorized with posters of nip-slipping ladies.  There’s seating for fewer than 20 and barely room for the tiny bar. There’s a lofty selection of plays on classics, albeit all pretty unusual, like the spicy Dr. Manhattan ($14). It’s a nuclear concoction of barrel-aged rye, vermouth and a house infusion with the speculative ingredients in Dr Pepper—stuff like cherries, prunes, long pepper, carrot tops and coriander—plus scorpion pepper, one of the hottest in the world, all aged in a CH Distillery fernet barrel.The house Chartreuse, for example, is a blend of infusions made with neutral grain spirits, cut-up barrel staves from Rare Tea Cellar and stems and clippings of more than 50 herbs.