Terrace 16

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This revamped terrace lounge serves up speciality cocktails and bites prepared from ingredients grown on the property. A 200-seat, inviting outdoor patio, which has enamored thousands of guests for the past ten years with its breathtaking views of Chicago’s prized architecture, the winding Chicago River and awe-inspiring Lake Michigan. Now considered a cohesive entity under Chef Dostal’s purview, the restaurant’s indoor dining room will capture the spirit of Chicago’s glorious summer months year-round with a warm design transformation, convivial bar, unmatched vistas and an ever-changing menu whose ingredients shine bright during breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner services. Menu items will be created with the superb culinary technique that lives in Chef Dostal’s DNA, featuring touches from the garden. Including a range of dishes from tapas-style small plates and starters to large, shareable entrees