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It's certainly one of the most varied buffets in town, but a word of warning when eating at Tatra Inn's smorgasbord: Don't waste food! Apparently they have had a vexing problem in the past with eyes being bigger than stomachs. On the wall and on the menu you are warned that WE WILL CHARGE FOR WASTED FOOD. It's not exactly clear how much unfinished food will be considered waste, so begin moderately--"Old Country" (Eastern European) cuisine can fill you up without warning. Who knows how the various meats, potatoes, cabbages and dumplings may expand when combined with certain sauces and gravies? Obviously no one's at the Tatra Inn to lose weight, but at least you can rest easy knowing that ALL BROASTED OR FRIED FOODS ARE COOKED IN CHOLESTEROL FREE CANOLA OIL. Menu changes daily.