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Hidden in the heart of Englewood since 1980, Taste's weathered exterior opens into one of the South Side's liveliest nightclubs. Patrons wander the labyrinthine layout where all aisles lead to the main dance floor awash in music, disco balls and flashing lights. Low ceilings and wall-to-wall carpeting give the side bars a seductive ambience, while the main room and dance floor are more open and boisterous. The décor is a bit dated, lending to the club's secretive feel. The weekends see no shortage of variety: Thursdays are Ladies' Nights with male exotic dancers, Fridays jam to a reggae set beginning around 11:30 p.m., and the Saturday night deejays play a wide array of hip-hop, R&B and dance music until the early hours of the morning. Live music (Taste claims to have hosted everyone but Michael Jackson) often takes the stage on Friday and Sunday evenings, but call ahead.