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"Sushi Mike," a.k.a. Mike Ham, the former sushi chef at Hama Matsu, who has developed a following by chatting up diners and creating custom sushi on the spot, has moved a few blocks north to Andersonville's Tanoshii. Tanoshii's regular menu sushi choices include nigiri by the piece, several rolls including the "Andersonville" with shrimp, crab, cream cheese, cucumber and masago, and even a low-carb option with spicy tuna, crab, salmon, tuna, beets, cucumber and avocado. There are several combination platters, including the bargain 15 piece chef's choice sashimi option. Cooked fare includes the signature grilled chicken breast with mushrooms and spicy chili sauce, and the soothing nabeyakiudon soup with thick white noodles, chicken and vegetables.