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Space is limited inside this Lakeview BYOB, but the quaint dining area is bathed in lush red tones and replete with soothing tunes and comfy pillows for a vibe almost as exotic as the sushi offerings. The mango-kiwi roll (white tuna, shitake mushrooms, avocado and wasabi mayo with kiwi on top) is a popular choice, as is the simpler Chicago roll (spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko). The spot also caters to the gluten-free crowd, prepping sauces and other ingredients sans gluten; formerly forbidden deep-fried options such as spring rolls, fried mini-dumplings and tuna tataki (tempura-breaded sliced tuna with miso sauce and fish roe) are available gluten-free too. If you're looking for a quick meal, howver, you may want to look elsewhere--there’s usually only one server on duty. Settle in with a BYOB bottle or two though, and the wait isn’t so tough.