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City-slick glamour in a smallish, suburban strip mall space, this sushi den offers polished black tables and red walls sprinkled with glitter setting the scene. Myriad options on the hot and cold appetizer include panko-crusted scallops and various sunomono, but leave room artful sushi and sashimi platters, signature maki and entrees. Choose traditional white rice that the chef whips up  with his own vinegar recipe, opt for or black rice to feature into your signature maki. The Kamakaze, fresh tuna over spicy tuna, is righteously spicy, while the California Sunset amps up the ubiquitous usual with fresh salmon over snow crab, cucumber and avocado. Beyond the sushi, you can also expect lots of vegetarian options, fried rice, salads, sake and wine list and a list of dramatic entrees (filet mignon, short rib, lobster tail).