Staropolska Restaurant (Logan Square)

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Walk into this Logan Square spot and experience Central European country charm. Exposed wooden beams and wood paneled and painted walls surround the comfortably placed booths, tables and the front bar. To get to the restaurant's booths and tables, you must walk through the bar area. Each booth has a wicker light fixture above it. The Starapolska is clean and comfortable and the waitstaff is pleasant. According to the former owner, 'The Staropolska has the best soups, especially the best 'flaczki' (tripe soup) in Jackowo.'' And 'Jackowo' is what the Polish Americans and Poles of Chicago call this area. Jackowo is a Polish derivative of the name of the major Catholic church in the neighborhood. One can easily experience a bit of Poland here. If you have time after eating, stop by the Staropolska Delicatessen next door. Plenty of Old World smoked sausage smells and displays to make you want to take something home for a later meal. Try the 'kabanosy' sausage right off the hook or let it dry for a beef jerky taste.