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The Star Plaza studiously avoids the young and hip--once, a few years back, they booked ear-bleeding Ministry and its minions of black-T-shirted slamdancers, but that was the last major "alternative" act. By generally relying on oldies revues, smooth soul singers, mainstream country and classic popsters such as Huey Lewis and the Doobie Brothers, the Star Plaza has staked out a niche no other Chicagoland theater can touch. As such, it has a certain kitsch appeal, and it's an extremely comfortable place to sit. The plush red interior, whether you're watching Ted Nugent, Aretha Franklin or the latest bus-and-truck touring production of some Broadway musical favorite, adds an old-school luxury. The theater's New Year's Eve concert-party with the Oak Ridge Boys is a regional tradition. After the show, the jungle-themed Khaki Club, with its shrieking caged birds, waterfalls, pools and World War II trappings, is a hoot. The adjacent fancy Radisson Hotel is a convenient place to stay if you're overserved. Recent big draws include Tom Jones, the Oak Ridge Boys, and comedian/therapist Gallagher.