Standard India Restaurant: Reviews

Thumb_default Sunita Kapoor | Jul. 26, 2012

I went to Standard India after hearing great things about it from our other Indian friends. I have tried most of the restaurants on Devon so have a pretty good comparison of good food went eating Indian.

We ordered the bengan bharta, garlic naan, bhatura and vegetable pakoras and the food was delicious! It reminded me of my grandmother's cooking when we would visit her in India. I tried the gulab jamun and found them also to be really fresh.

I think I found a new place I can go to when I am not cooking at home. Next time, I'll try the thali.

Thumb_default Sushmit | Jun. 11, 2012

I have been in the States for only a year and a half and must admit that I have not found Indian food this good in the States.

This restaurant really reminded me of home (i.e. Mumbai) when eating here. The decor, the food, the hospitality was very quaint for my boyfriend and I. Everything seems to be made fresh - you can taste it. My favorites were the samosas, paneer naan, spinach koftas.

I really look forward to coming back soon and making this place a weekly stop.

Thumb_default Sangeeta | May. 1, 2012

This has now got to be my favorite Indian restaurant in the city. I have been to too too many and sadly, they stink!

The food was amazing - fresh, hot and served with love.
I enjoyed the roti, naan, chicken vindaloo, salads, and chutneys! Yummy!!

I just wish this place was in the loop so I could do a daily run.

Whenever I miss mom's food back home in Goa, I come here.

Cant wait to be back!