Siunik Armenian Grill

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Levon Kirakosyan, the owner of Siunik, has created an Armenian joint that combines the best of both worlds - healthy, fresh options that are also incredibly satisfying. Though the decor of the restaurant seems rather simple and the prices are low, the flavors are robust and the servings plentiful. Guests order much like they do at Chipotle or Roti - choose a filling (Lula, chicken, steak, pork or veggies), then a side (rice pilaf, mushroom pilaf or kasha), then a salad (traditional or coleslaw), then a topping (hummus, tabuleh or hamov). Guests can order their concoction either in a plate or wrapped up in a pita bread. Work nearby? Stop by during lunchtime Monday-Friday for the $4.95 lunch special, a large portion of Lula, chicken, steak, rice and toppings. Gluten free diners can also enjoy Siunik's, as the meats, kasha and toppings are almost all gluten free.