CLOSED: Schnitzel King

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After feeding the tailgating crowds before Bears game for a few years, the owner of this schnitzel-selling food truck decided to turn his love for cooking into a business. Schnitzel King sells sandwiches of fried meat cutlets known as "schnitzel." The signature item, the Chicago Schnitzel Sandwich, is a pork cutlet fried to a golden brown, topped with onions and peppers and then layered between bread from the Turano bakery. Other menu options, all made with local ingredients when possible, will include a veal version, as well as a sweet potato schnitzel. Other snacks include potato salad or desserts such as Chocolate Chicago Sheet Cake and a morning-friendly Banana Heaven Bar. The truck plans to hit all parts of the city with a focus on the Loop. Follow @KingSchnitzel on Twitter for more info on the truck's routes.