Saved By The Max

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This Saved by the Bell inspired pop-up runs through August. Reservations are highly encouraged as there's very limited amounts of walk-in spots available. Weekend brunch and late nights after 11pm are first come first served. From Mac & Screech mac ’n’ cheese to Mr. Dewey’s honey buttermilk biscuits and gravy, the dishes boast clever names and are a cut above standard diner fare. The Snow White & the Seven Dorks  appetizer is a spin on chicken wings with a Lebanese spice blend served with herb yogurt.  Chef Brian Fisher is excited to present Tori’s fried chicken, Korean fried chicken atop a waffle made with Goose Island 312 and coconut milk and drizzled with spiced maple syrup.The dessert menu includes Hey, Hey, Hey pie of the day from Bang Bang Pie Shop, a hot fudge sundae and two other items from Acadia pastry chef Mari Katsumura. The beverage menu, by Geek Bar alumnus Rob Stein, is made up of plays on classic cocktails—negroni, manhattan, B Ba B Ba Baloody Mary and more. Non-boozy floats, shakes and fizzes, such as Cream for a Day, a dangerously delicious float with vanilla ice cream, salted peach puree, tropical Red Bull Yellow, cream and club soda. There’s also Goose Island beer on draft and in bottles and cans. Reservations can be made online.