Sala Bua

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This Thai BYOB spot is a far cry from the typical carryout spots with generic offerings. Classics like crab rangoon and pad thai are definitely on the menu, but flavorful dishes like sai-krok-e-san, fermented pork-and-rice sausage Filled with fiery red chilis, fragrant roasted peanuts, crisp green beans, bright lime juice-tossed papaya and crunchy dried shrimp are a nice change of pace. Or go for a bowl of flavor fireworks with the the som tum thai, papaya salad. Enjoy in a soothing setting, with light-colored wooden lanterns and rough-hewn wainscoting topped with white fabric panels that diffuse a soft, flickering light. Missing the full bar options? There's also an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks, including a freshly carved coconut that's tapped so you can sip the refreshing sweet milk.