Ristorante Agostino

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Proprietor and chef Agostino Fiasche has created an elegant restaurant that spotlights the many flavors of Italian cooking. The dining room, with 26 white-linen-topped tables, is warmly lit, allowing each dish to be experienced by both sight and by taste. The menu is expansive, with many selections of beef, veal, chicken, seafood and pasta. Popular antipasti includes calamari, which can be pan fried or grilled, and the Neapolitan-style mussels. The veal Agostino is made with fresh artichokes, mushrooms, and a special selection of the chef's own seasonings. The restaurant also offers an ample wine list, and desserts of fresh seasonal fruit. Friendly and refined, Agostino is the type of restaurant that prides itself on solid service and generous portions of homemade Italian dishes that ensure a memorable meal.