Restaurant y Pozoleria San Juan

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Bring your appetite to this Humboldt Park pozole joint, which looks like any ordinary Mexican diner on the outside but inside serves up hominy soup that turns heads, even on this predominantly Hispanic stretch of Pulaski Road. Pozole comes in roja, verde and blanca varieties, all garnished with pork skin, finely-sliced cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, avocado chunks and fresh lime. The baskets of totopos, or corn chips, brought out with every meal are perfect for dunking into the thick, piping hot stew, which can be spiced according to your tolerance for heat. A wide selection of tacos, burritos and tortas round out the menu, but really, most folks come from the pozole. If you're not BYOBing, don’t pass up the tamarindo, a Mexican drink made from tamarinds and sugar.