Ramen Misoya

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Customized meals starting with the two basic styles of broth offered, both seasoned with miso (fermented soybean paste). The "gold," served in red bowls, is "full-bodied," as promised on the menu. The "silver" is lighter. Both bowls hold ramen noodles, ground pork, bean sprouts, cabbage, a soft-boiled egg, fried onions and bamboo shoots. Misoya offers set combinations that offer sliced pork, fried battered shrimp, fried chicken, spicy miso or more vegetables. The menu recommends the cha-shu ramen bowl, garnished with slices of tender miso-rubbed pork. The slices come as big rounds. dd-ins are encouraged. Choose three pieces of fried chicken (kara-age), extra noodles, maybe another egg, nori sheets, corn kernels or even a pat of butter (a common addition in northern Japan). The dining area is simple and inviting and is packed with wooden tables and there's a long counter with seating in the back.