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This New York-style pizzeria offers a large lineup of specialty and build-your-own thin-crust pies, salads, sandwiches and wraps. There's a build-your-own option, or you can order a specialty pizza. The unusual recipes include Monkey Mango (mango sauce, roasted chicken breast, ginger, red onion, fresh mango chunks) and the Nutty Gonzo (sweet-and-sour onion marmalade, gorgonzola cheese and toasted walnuts topped with fresh thyme). Five cheese, pepperoni, sausage, Meat-zilla (that's sausage, pepperoni and bacon) and a chef's daily pick are available by the slice. Sandwiches and wraps are more traditional, running the gamut from tuna salad to chicken caesar. The small space is standing room only, with a counter that can fit up to six or seven people. Alcohol is not permitted.