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Khaim Pinkhasik does more with glass than most artists can do with a pencil, pen or brush. Pinkhasik learned this art in his native Russia, but was forced to devote himself to designing portraits of Lenin and Communist kitsch. Pinkhasik came to Chicago 14 years ago, and now earns his living by creating glass mosaics for windows, doors and lamps in private homes. His clients have asked him to depict everything from racehorses to roosters to tropical fish, but Pinkhasik's real passion is for big, historical pieces. He is trying to interest a museum in his triptych of black slave life. And he spent six months on a star-shaped platform whose panels depict scenes from Jewish history. A few years ago, Pinkhasik did a glass portrait of George and Barbara Bush, which he presented to the First Couple at a dinner in Florida. 'You see how Bush is happy?,' Pinkhasik asked as he displayed pictures of the meeting. 'This is translucent. Nobody can do this with painting.'