Piece-A-Cake Bakery

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Just across the street from the old depot that serves as a visitor's center, Piece-A-Cake bakery is a tiny slice of heaven. Grab a cup of joe or a fresh fruit smoothie and some cheesecake bites, rum balls, kolocky or whimsical cookies shaped like teapots, bonnets or flip flops. For special occasions, the bakey does masterful work in 3-D cakes, wedding cakes and dessert cakes such as red velvet or German chocolate. You won't find bread or buns here, but rather sweet specialty breads like blueberry lemon, peaches and cream and, of course, banana bread. Note the gluten-free brownies, low-fat items and a welcoming bench outside where you can nibble your goodies while watching the bikers zipping by on the Fox River Bike Trail.