Phillips Park Zoo

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After eight decades, Phillips Park Zoo still delights the wee ones. Located in Aurora's largest city park, the zoo sprawls on a hilltop above a sunken garden, natural lakes and an inviting picnic grove. Roosters, geese, domestic ducks and iridescent blue peacocks strut their stuff in a large fenced-in yard. North American river otters cavort on a slide and paddle in a small pool. Pot-bellied pigs, goats and a llama share a barnyard. A black bear stretches out on the floor of his cage; a capuchin monkey darts around the space he shares with a flock of white swans. Billy goats make their home in a Billy Goat Gruff exhibit complete with a bridge. Not-from-around-here parrots, cockatiels and macaws whoop it up in a screened aviary they share with a black swan. The park is located about 2 miles southeast of downtown Aurora, off Smith Boulevard.