Passion House Coffee Roasters

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Passion House is a small batch coffee roaster and café. At Passion House, we strive to create balanced and complex coffees with our meticulous method of sourcing beans from farms around the world and roasting them by hand on a vintage 1957 German Probat cast-iron roaster. The menu will continue to feature the same amazing beans its customers know, love, and crave, expertly crafted into gorgeous drinks by a team of detail-oriented baristas who realize that consistency is key. Many drinks feature house-made syrups that are not only delicious, but also promote health benefits, like The Loving Cup (black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, and espresso) that helps with inflammation or the Wildflower Honey and Pink Peppercorn Latte which helps increase energy levels, suppress allergic reactions and improve the health of the skin!