Old World Restoration/Stained Glass Studio

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The outside of Old World Restoration may look like an artist's junkyard, but inside you will find Malis' large, bright working studio with the treasured stained glass pieces that are the passion of the Russian emigre. Malis has been restoring stained glass for 20 years, and his enthusiasm for his work is as boundless as his knowledge. Malis enjoys educating people, mixing the nuts and bolts of the work with philosophy in a warm, lively and thickly accented presentation. The interested visitor will learn, for example, how to tell a genuine 19th Century German stained glass window from a fake. One of Malis' latest acquisitions is an original window by architect Bolon Beman. According to Malis, someone grabbed the door containing a window from the old Pullman estate before the house was leveled. 'An old man from the South Side came in and said he found it in his basement!' Malis exclaims. While the thrust of his work is restoration for clients, there are a number of lovely windows for sale, ranging in price from $120 to $2,500.