Old Chicago Pizzeria & Ice Cream Parlor

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The pizza is fantastic at this pizzeria. Thanks to this neighborhood place, there is no need to travel to the Loop or anywhere else for some of the best pizza this city has to offer. Old Chicago is small and gets crowded often. The Veggie-All deep-dish pizza is topped with mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese and is a vegetarian's dream. The Green Giant spinach deep-dish is no disappointment, either. The specially seasoned pizza sauce has a hint of garlic flavor and complements any pizza sold here. Four sizes are offered. Delivery service is available in the neighborhood, which is good because dine-in space is limited. Old Chicago resembles an old-fashioned ice cream shop and, in fact, sells 14 flavors of ice cream--hand-packed into cartons or enjoyable on a cone. Fountain creations are available, too. Call ahead: deep-dish pizza needs a half-hour or so to bake (though thin-crust is an option if time is limited).