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Taco Loco started more than 40 years ago and grew into a chain of 11 restaurants before the owner retired, leaving his recipes and menu to the family who opened El Nuevo Taco Loco in a former office space in February. The BYOB spot serves tacos including skirt steak, scrambled eggs with chorizo and red mole pork a la carte or as part of a three-taco dinner with rice and beans. This Ravenswood spot aims to curb your Mexican cuisine cravings.  The menu offers every Mexican dish you could possibly want, whether it's Saturday at 4 a.m., Christmas Day or just a weeknight after work when you're too tired to turn on the stove. Tacos are super cheap, and the most expensive item on the menu (a shrimp, chicken and beef fajita combo dinner) doesn't even break $13. But let's be serious: We all know you're going to get three ground beef tacos and a pizza puff and call it a night.