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Food Network addicts know world-famous executive chef Homaro Cantu, an alum of Charlie Trotter's, from his bouts on Iron Chef America. Chicagoans, however, know him through his famous Warehouse District spot, where he has assembled an innovative menu that's sure to satisfy (at times, literally: Cantu has served an edible menu, which stands out among his more zany concoctions). The ever-changing Asian and globally influenced tasting menu features anywhere from five to 20 courses for a set price. Cantu has several patented kitchen tools, including magnetized serving dishes, custom-made silverware, and an insulated box that bakes your next course tableside. Cantu's menu incorporates farm-raised meats, organic, artisanal and seasonal ingredients, so expect different selections with each visit. There is also has a full-service lounge area with a signature drink list.