CLOSED: Mizu Yakitori and Sushi Lounge

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This Old Town Japanese spot features yakitori, skewered foods like chicken, beef and vegetables cooked over blazing hot Japanese binchotan charcoal in a glass-enclosed kitchen, plus there's a sushi bar with nigiri, sashimi and rolls, and other Japanese fare like house-made dumplings. Owner Annie Zheng offers off-the-beaten path sauces with the yakitori, and she's also offering more traditional interpretations (like chicken skins, gizzards and beef liver) in addition to American faves like chicken breast and shrimp. Look for a contemporary dining room with Asian-inspired accents and a private tearoom that seats about 10. Although the name translates to "water," Zheng opted to skip the H2O overkill in the restaurant; she says she chose the name because she had a good vibe about the easy to remember moniker.