Maillard Tavern

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Maillard Tavern is a charming River West eatery serving up American comfort food classics. From Chef Tony Priolo comes a menu of American favorites like custom griddled double patty hamburgers with a side of duck fat Norwis potato fries, specialty sandwiches, soups, ice cream-centric desserts, and a full service bar. The intimate space invites diners to a booth, table, or coveted barstool. Maillard offers eight custom burgers; all consist of two 4 oz. local beef patties (single patty options are also available) griddled to perfection and served on a toasted potato bun with a side of duck fat Norwis potato fries. The menu also includes a couple of specialty sandwiches and soups, one fabulous salad, and a selection of desserts that will hit you with nostalgia: milk shakes (also served spiked!), ice cream sundaes, banana splits, and donut sticks with chocolate sauce..