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Marcarena Tapas was named so simply because owner Victor Borras thought it would be easy to remember ("What's the name of that song that exclipses the chicken dance in sheer irritability?") but don't let that keep you from exploring New Age tapas created by Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef John Borras. He's one of the few who studied under Ferran Adria, a veritable wizard of molecular gastronomy at the Catalan restaurant El Bulli on Spain's Costa Brava, considered one of the best restaurants on the planet.

You'll find traditional items such as tortilla Espanola, garlic potato salad and paella (the only entree). Vegetarians, you're in luck: there're lots of yummy choices, such as fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce. The dessert tray offerings are all made in-house, with  flan, orange-topped almond torta and double chocolate mousse among the options. Open since September 2007, Marcarena may be a little hard to find, but it's easy to love -- especially considering its prices are a few bucks less than competing tapas spots in town.