CLOSED: Los Moles

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Geno Bahena, mole man about town (you may know him from his most recent effort, Logan Square's Real Tenochtitlan), is behind this Lakeview Mexican spot where dishes with green (verde), black (negro) and red (Teloloapense-style) mole are served daily. Other versions, such as a mole blanco made with almonds, pine nuts, yellow peppers, white chocolate, golden raisins and white pepper are offered as monthly specials. The menu, which changes monthly, might feature additional non-mole dishes like coal-roasted pork chops in spicy roasted tomato, chile d'arbol, shiitake and sesame seed sauce. If you're willing to put yourself in the hands of the chef, the $40 five-course prix-fixe menu, available daily, is a great bargain.