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The Lincoln Tavern, in the Folak family for nearly 50 years, is a well-kept secret. The Wicker Park tavern was an ice-cream parlor during Prohibition, but the minute the ban was lifted it went back to being a bar. Bill Folak inherited the tavern in the '70s from his parents, Albert and Sophie, and the place is still very much a family operation. The special attraction of this cozy spot is the restaurant, which looks and feels like a hunting lodge. Albert and Sophie's old apartment has been converted into a charming dining room with seven wooden tables that seat about 30. The roast duck is very popular, especially on Fridays, so be sure to reserve one in advance if you're interested. If you don't have the foresight for duck, the BBQ ribs are also a hit. The restaurant closes for private parties four times a year. Fun Fact: The Lincoln Tavern is so named because the side street, now Wolcott Avenue, was named Lincoln Avenue before the name was changed in the '40s.