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Kristine Hengl and Dave Roberts -- the nightlife junkies behind New Wave dance night Planet Earth that started at Club 950 back in 1994 and has since moved on to be hosted at Spin and Neo -- fulfill their longtime dream of running their own clubby spot for artsy types and lovers of indie music to geek out in good company. Yes, it's open late (4 a.m. most days; 5 a.m. Saturday).

Punk, goth rock, '60s ska, New Wave and Northern soul and more filter through the speakers, and local band members and staffers from Lincoln Square record shop Laurie's Planet of Sound man the turntables regularly at this Avondale spot. A no-sports-ever video screen plays 1920s Busby Berkeley musicals, offbeat music videos or sci fi flicks. Drinks jive with the eclectic vibe, ranging from Jhoom, an lager hard to find outside Indian restaurants to vegan-friendly soy white Russians.