Lalo's Restaurant

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Homegrown Mexican chain opened this spot in the old Maxwell Street Market area (now called University Village Marketplace) in mid-2005.

Eduardo "Lalo" Castaneda started with a tiny taqueria on 26th Street in the early '70s. Now Lalo's has multiple city and suburban locations, but is still a family-run business. The menu here is similar to the other eateries, with Mexican fare such as tacos, sopes, burritos and tamales. House specialties include lomo de res en chile de arbol, chopped ribeye steak simmered in arbol chile sauce, and tinga de camarones a la plancha, grilled shrimp with tomatoes and zesty chipotle peppers. Dessert favorites list Mexican fried ice cream and sopapillas, deep-fried fritters sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Margaritas are the specialty libation, with lime, raspberry, strawberry, mango and guava versions.