La Lagartija Taqueria

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"Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just good tacos that make people happy," says co-owner Laura Cid-Perea of this the counter-service taqueria she and her husband, Luis, operate just down the street from their Bom Bon Cafe. The couple, who grew up in Mexico City, couldn't find tacos al pastor that met their high standards for authenticity anywhere else, so here they do it their way, simmering the succulent pork in spices and dressing it with pineapple, onions and cilantro. Breakfast customers tend toward eggs with chorizo and licuados, Mexican-style smoothies made with cinnamon, vanilla and milk; the lunch and dinner crowd goes for steak, shrimp and poblano tacos (as well as those tacos al pastor), or opts for quesadillas, burritos or salads.