Joie de Vine

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This quaint neighborhood wine bar in Andersonville recently uncorked next door to owner Laurie Petrushkevich's Ravenswood hair salon, Karma. Inside, the bar forgoes width for length, but makes use of its slim facility with striking design. A long wooden bar occupies the length of one wall, and a sitting bench occupies the opposite, both ending at a wall constructed of glass brick that is lit up with different colors. The hardwood floors, exposed brick and wood beam ceilings create a cozy lounge atmosphere that echoes jazz music off the wine bottles lined up along the wall. Wine connoisseurs or novices can sip from a variety of 30 different wines. Patrons can order one of several food flights. The cheese flights can be ordered from two lists, one to accompany red wine and one white. There are also olive and truffle flights. Enjoy your wine inside or sit outside on the new outdoor patio.