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Moto mastermind Homaro Cantu and his team of mad-scientist chefs are at it again at this neighboring restaurant. The restaurant's name combines Cantu's love for Asian influences with the expression of action, and the a la carte menu is divided up into sections such as "cooling" (cold dishes), "melting" (melt-in-your-mouth meat dishes) and "sweetening" (dessert). Ing puts some of the kitchen action in the main dining room by way of a noodle-making station in the front and a pastry station (equipped with liquid nitrogen for making frozen waffles and other sweets) in the back. Downstairs, a table for four is at eye-level with all of the action of the main kitchen. Other unique features include nano-brewed beer (super-small house-made batches with unorthodox flavors) and what Cantu calls "flavor-tripping," an experience that will showcase the West African miracle berry that trips out your tastebuds by blocking sour and bitter flavors. There's also an option to let the staff cook for you by the hour, meaning you designate how long you'd like to dine and a tasting menu will be created just for you ($50 an hour; $70 with drinks).