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Some spice has arrived�in Algonquin via the ineffably aromatic cuisine�proffered at�India Curry House. The wonderful dualities of spicy and soothing, creamy and crispy and sweet and savory arrive at your table courtesy of Chefs Vijay and S.S. Chauhan, who previously chopped�their share of chiles at�India House and Indian Garden. Opt for a steaming bowl of dal soup, a sturdy clove-kissed lentil soup with green peas and rice, or go for the samosas, which, deep-fried and stuffed with chicken, lamb or potatoes and peas, are light on the oil and big on flavor. The perennial favorite, sag paneer, doesn't disappoint with its�spiced spinach sauce surrounding cubes of homemade cheese. Tandor oven rang-baked dishes range�from the traditional chicken marinated in yogurt and spices to fish tikka --�barbecued pieces of seasoned fish. If you can't decide, order one of the special dinners (vegetarian or meat-filled) that plates tandori, kebabs and veggies. Don't even think about omitting a�fragrant Basmati rice special for the table and consider dishes cooked in the Kadhai, an iron wok over coals, said to impart magical qualities.�Pages of�seafood, vegetable and lamb creations round out the substantial menu.