Il Song Jung

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Customers cook barbecue dishes at their own tables at this North Park spot. "It's unusual, but you get a full stomach. ... For clean, honest Korean home cooking, this is the place," according to Sue Chang, the owner's daughter. Alcoholic beverages available are Cass, Nex, and O.B. Korean beers, and soju, sweet potato alcohol about equivalent to vodka in strength. When you walk into Il Song Jung, there is a table with Korean newspapers, phone books and English magazines. The restaurant has a casual dining atmosphere and cable TV. American and Korean art is sprinkled throughout the dining area, with a turquoise vase on the bar. All of the restaurant's dishes and furniture, including dark wood chairs and tables, were imported from Korea. The restaurant's lighting is moderately dim, with plants in the center. There are seven tables that each fit six people, and three tables that fit four people, as well as a private room that sits about 15. "We're as authentic as it gets because everything's from Korea," Chang said. Accommodations for group seating can be made for 15-20 people, but reservations need to be made in advance.