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"A lot of people like the way the food tastes. We have a lot of regular customers," said Aaron Wu, cashier. This North Park eatery serves Hunan, Szechwan and Cantonese dishes. The restaurant's food is prepared with vegetable oil and no MSG is used. According to Wu, Hunan Wok's hot mustard and sweet and sour sauces taste different than the sauces served at other restaurants because they're homemade. The decor is highlighted with old fashioned glass lanterns, colorful Chinese lanterns with red and green tassels, hanging lamps and Chinese zodiac placemats. Owner Quan Hue Chen owned a restaurant in mainland China, liked the business, and decided to open a restaurant when he came to the U.S. Chen says that the prices are good and that a special effort is made "to take good care of students and senior citizens." Family platters are available.