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At Honey, a "modern comfort food cafe" is all about approachable gourmet, with sit-down breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a deli counter filled with house-made cupcakes and take-home eats such as free-range meatloaf and truffled mac and cheese. Alex Gomez, formerly of Orange, designed the menu (though he departed shortly after opening) so expect a rockin' weekend brunch menu featuring dishes such as filet mignon benedict, triple-chocolate French toast kabobs. The menu's a smart mix of healthy and decadent, carnivore and vegetarian, and centers on fresh, often organic, ingredients. Gluten-free options -- from French toast to sandwiches to peanut-butter cookies -- are proving a winner as well.

The decor is modern-casual, with the former space's original wood floors and tin ceiling intact, highlighted by contemporary furniture and a pleasing aqua and amber color scheme. The vibe is family-friendly--though we think even grown-ups will like fun desserts like the "science fare sundae," ice cream served with test tubes of toppings. How very fitting for a family-focused yet increasingly tony downtown that launched a marketing campaign with the motto "Glen Ellyn Style" several years ago.