Half Acre: The Restaurant

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The first kitchen to be featured from Half Acre serving up elaborate burritos to full entreés. Half Acre co-founder Gabriel Magliaro said the menu “draws from personal interests and experience,” which translates to a hearty and eclectic lineup. The burritos stray from the standard chicken, beef or veggie; think Goat Picadillo, made with guajillo spiced goat, avocado, refried white beans, cumin cucumbers, goat cheddar and cilantro, and Smoked Beef Rib Cap, stuffed with caramelized onion, arugula, horseradish sauce and potato gratin. Plates include spare ribs, chicken thighs and something called Not Cho’s, which sounds like a cold-weather, belly-filling dish handed down by the beer gods themselves: oxtail, Spanish chorizo, roasted peppers, pickled carrots, smoky tomato sauce and something called “science cheese sauce.”