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Oak Park's Nobel Prize-winning literary son and his work are intelligently illuminated by a local society that has assembled Hemingway history in photos, documents, videos and other media for the museum and the birthplace-home, which is a block north. The writer's first 20 years are intensively chronicled -- a period when the blunt writer supposedly grew to view Oak Park as a place of "wide lawns and narrow minds," an irresistible epithet that local people claim the author never said. No matter -- the odyssey of one of the 20th Century's most powerful literary personalities most certainly starts in Oak Park, which launched him on a career that included two major wars, several minor ones and the development of many great fictional characters. Exhibits in this museum include a section called "Hemingway and the Movies," with posters and other silver-screen images of Hemingway novels and stories. Another section chronicles Hemingway's "last war," his coverage of World War II.