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A relaxed, comfortable two-room coffee shop in the heart of Pilsen boasts exposed brick walls, free WiFi and a neat row of computers to complement the daily sipping ritual (rent one of 10 for $4/hour). Creaky wooden floors, cushy sofas and chairs and tall ceilings add to the comfy, living-room feel, but unlike your home decor, the artwork here changes monthly, punctuated by opening night parties. Owners plan on installing a kitchen in the next six months or so (the shop opened in June 2005; plans for renovation are targeted for winter 2006).

Sip gourmet coffees, natural juices, licuados (strawberry, mango, vanilla, etc.), tea and more. Gourmet sandwiches add an upscale twist to traditional carb-loaded coffeeshop fare. Specialties include chicken breast marinated in Caribbean seasonings, cilantro, olive oil and more, paired with grilled veggies and a side of fruit salad.

To further distance the shop from it's corporate coffee brethren, it's BYOB.