Dragon Court

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This authentic family-run Chinese restaurant is on the southern tip of Chinatown's Wentworth Avenue strip, near the dragon-etched totem pole. Plan on bringing friends; all the round tables are topped with lazy Susans, making communal dining a cinch. Communication can sometimes be a problem, but staff is friendly. The showstopper here is the fish tank in the front windows; you select your lobster, eel, or geoduck (saltwater clam); your waiter will deliver it to the kitchen for preparation. For starters, try the hot and sour soup, which is chock full of shrimp and mushrooms. Casserole entrees include short ribs in lemon sauce, and beef with ginger and green onions in oyster sauce. Specialty dishes include crispy fried chicken and spare ribs with the house sauce. For dessert, you can opt for the lukewarm sweet soup (daily specials might include red bean, green bean or litchi), a typical Chinese after dinner treat instead of the standard fortune cookie (not on the menu; ask for it). BYOB.