Dominick's Pizzeria

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Since 1990, Vince and Enza Gariti and Enza's brother, Vince Incandela, have shared their Sicilian family recipes to eager northwest suburbanites. Dominck's boasts more than a few customers who were raised on southern Italian food -- a litmus test of great Italian cooking. Start with fragrant mussels steamed in a red wine sauce or sauteed calamari, and you'll swear you're on the island surrounded by the clear blue Ionian and Mediterranean seas. Pizza can be thin, thick, stuffed or pan style and pastas primarily rely on Sicilian tomato-based sauces. Try the ravioli, baked manicotti, mostaccioli, great lasagna or penne tossed in a spicy crushed-tomato sauce, blended with basil, capers and a touch of anchovies. Chicken, eggplant and veal parmesans are popular dinner choices, while many prefer the well-spiced beef and sausage sandwiches as well as cold subs at lunch time. Finish with a heady espresso and homemade tiramisu or cannoli.