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This restaurant offers a distinctively upscale take on Greek dining. The rooms, both inside and out, feature warm Mediterranean colors on the walls and plenty of plants. Demetri's focus is fresh seafood, and a great way to start that theme is with the chilled, marinated octopus, which is chopped into small bits and dressed with olive oil and vinegar. If you prefer not to start in the sea, there's tiroflogeres (kasseri cheese rolled in phyllo pastry -- a little like mozzarella sticks) and a very good bourgoundi, in which feta cheese is baked with tomatoes and red peppers. Seafood entrees -- which sometimes break into the $20 range -- include grouper, tilapia and other fresh catches, most of which can be ordered baked in a sauce or char-grilled with lemon, olive oil and herbs. On the dessert tray, a standout is karithopita, a delicious, not too sweet, spiced walnut cake.